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Fourecks Dogs breeds coloured border collies as pets for family homes. Registered with MDBA, we strive to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted pups for families around Australia who are looking for their new active intelligent best friend.

In light of the huge number of dogs being surrendered to rescues in Australia post-Covid/lockdown, Fourecksdogs has made the conscious decision to downsize to only one breeding pair, and only produce one litter every year or two. 

We have been so very fortunate to have with us in this endeavour DARE rescue, who has helped rehome our breeding dogs to the best possible homes where they are living out their lives as beloved pampered pets.

DARE works endlessly, tirelessly and constantly to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome border collies and other working dog breeds; they offer a last litter program and area completely non-kill shelter.   

You can follow them on Facebook as well as their own website.

If you have come to my page looking for a border collie puppy, I would strongly suggest that you check out their adoption page for an alternative. 

If you have the patience, time, energy, space and suitable living arrangements to raise and nurture a puppy, you have what it takes to adopt a border collie in dire need from DARE and embark upon the best decision of your lives.

DARE will match you to the right dog with far more care and precision than a lot of breeders out there, and there are so many puppies, juveniles, adults and older working dogs out there who desperately need homes – in many instances they are pure bred or pedigree dogs who have been surrendered, primarily through no fault of their own. 

Those poor souls who come in with behavioural or health issues are thoroughly rehabilitated and trained by professionals before DARE even thinks of rehoming them, and many DARE adopters have come back for their second DARE dog because they’ve been so happy with their first rescue.  

Hana & Blue

Should you still wish to enquire about Hana and Blue’s first litter, please fill in the online form and we will get back to you when Hana has had a successful mating. We anticipate that this will happen in the first half of 2024, and we will not mate Hana again until 2025. 

Fourecks Dogs Amiens, Queensland 4380
Astrid Perkins 0448 384 802

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