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Meet Blue

Blue (Fourecksdogs Son O’ Kelda) is a medium-drive, very affectionate BC who loves nothing more than to run around sniffing new things (and everything is new every day!) on our many daily walks, and is happy to let Hana lead him astray, following her across the fields to whatever fun adventure she's found.  

When walks are over and he's in the yard, he hangs out with mum Kali, chilling in the shade under the house on hot days. When he's inside in the evenings he loves to play on the couch with Oscar the fox terrier, who undeniably rules over amenable Blue even though he's a fifth of his size.  But most of all he loves being around people who will pat him, pat him, and pat him again.

Blue's sire Merlin (Chocabloc Protector of Realms) comes from distinguished lines of overseas champions (France, Hungary and USA); and his dam Kali (Echointime Discworld Diva) has both Australian and New Zealand heritage, making Blue a very attractive stud proposition - please contact us for more information.

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